Pharmacy SOS

Pharmacy SOS specialises in responding to calls made by pharmacies requiring locum pharmacists in the short to medium term future, as well as full time or part time permanent work.

Because we are run by people with hands on and current experience in the pharmacy retail and hospital industry, we know exactly what you are after.

We have been in the industry since 1999.

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Pharmacy SOS

National Service

Pharmacy SOS operates Australia wide. We have a network of locum pharmacists across the nation and can assist for short and long term placements, including permanent full and part time work.

We look after metropolitan and regional Australia. Give us a try.
National Service

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eTime Sheets are here! No more wasting paper printing and faxing time sheets. Simply enter in the details online and click Submit! That EASY!
eTime Sheets are here

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Pharmacy SOS

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